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Coming in 2024:

Arts & Heritage Tours

Scholars estimate that 40% of all enslaved Africans brought to the mainland British Colonies in the 18th century came to Charleston, South Carolina.

By 1708, Yourba, Bambara, Mende, Ibibio, Igbo, Akan and BaKongo people constituted a majority of Charleston’s population. From these West and Central Africans evolved a new, melded African American language and culture that would become known as “Gullah.”

The Global Arts/Media Gullah Heritage Project is an exciting, collaborative effort by scholars, cultural experts, educators and media professionals from various disciplines to interpret and present the history of the Gullah people. Currently, the general public is largely unaware of and has little or no access to Gullah research. Muxh of the publicly accessible information relative to Gullah history and culture consists of caricatures promulgated by or to pander to the regional tourism industry. 


Beginning Summer 2024, Global Arts will offer a curated series of Gullah Tours designed to:

•    increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the significance and contributions of Gullah history and culture;

•    interpret and present Gullah history and culture in a manner that is academically sound, educational, entertaining and easily accessible; and,

•    celebrate Gullah culture within the communities from which it emerged, and communities to which it has been transported and taken root.

We invite you to join our mailing list for information concerning our 2024 Gullah-Geechee tours and special events.

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